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The Concept  Chocolate & Cafè

Embark on a journey in our meticulously designed chocolateries, strategically located in the heart of each ship's main promenade. Our store promises an unparalleled guest experience, bringing the artistry of sweet delights to life. Witness the creation of exquisite chocolates in our open kitchen, using the finest ingredients. Enhance your experience by designing personalized chocolate bars through easy tablet interactions, selecting flavors, and toppings, and even adding a personal message for a loved one who stayed at home. Your creation journey extends as your order moves to the Chocolate open kitchen, offering a front-row view of the magic, or you may choose to have your creation directly delivered to your cabin.

Immerse yourself in the chocolate world with our expertly crafted sculptures, showcasing the mastery of our chefs. Welcome aboard to a realm of chocolate wonders. However, our offerings extend beyond just chocolate – our menu is a symphony of taste and experience complementing your chocolate adventure. Indulge in the aromatic richness of specialty coffees and let the velvety warmth of our hot chocolate sensations envelop your senses. Delight in the delicate perfection of French macarons and explore the world of desserts à la carte.

For a more immersive experience, our chocolate tastings invite you to discover the nuanced delights of cocoa. Start your day sweetly with our selection of breakfast pastries, each a delectable symphony of flavors. Whether crafting your chocolate masterpiece, sipping on crafted coffee, or enjoying a delightful pastry, our menu complements every craving. Welcome to a chocolate haven, where each moment is a celebration of taste and experience.

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